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"We inspect to inform you"
What does the inspector look at? Your safety and structural integrity of the property is our biggest concerns. We use our knowledge to assess if there is defects, damage or moisture evidence. We will test smoke detectors, GFCI, faucets, electrical fixtures, windows, doors and fixed appliances just to name a few. We will measure the temperature at the supply and to the returns to determine the operation status of the heating and or air conditioning. We will walk the exterior and every accessible room in the interior of the property, it's that comprehensive.

How long does the inspection take and when will my report be available? Most inspections will take about 2-3 hours. Most reports will be completed with in a few hours after the inspection, but are guaranteed no later than the following morning. Reports are emailed to you and your Agent and hard copies are provided on request. 

What if I have question about the inspection? Be sure to ask us any and all questions you may have regarding the inspection. We want you to be informed. We recommend that you and your Agent be at the property at the end of the inspection so that we can show you the actual items indicated on the report. Remember we work for you.

When is the right time to get an inspection?
As a Buyer - Your Agent will help you decide when to request an inspection. Usually when you decide to make an offer on a piece of property is the time to request an inspection.

As a Seller - Before you list your property an inspection is recommended so that you will not have any unforeseen problems or issues. Sometimes concerns are not easily detected by the property owner and therefore can be address prior to listing your property. 

On a new home under construction - We can provide inspections thoughout the new construction. This allows us to view any problems or concerns as they arise. Municipal inspectors do not work for you and therefore may not be concerned about problems or issue that arise after their inspection. 

On a new home under warranty - We can provide inspections during the months before your one year warranty is expired so that you can notify the builder and they can address and repair any problems or items before they go out of warranty. 

Why use A Crown Inspector? When you have one of our inspectors inspect your property you will get the knowledge of all our inspectors. We have over 60 years combined in the construction industry. 

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